Psychotherapy and Counselling

in Birmingham and the West Midlands 

I am a Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist, working in my own consulting room in Kings Heath, South Birmingham. I offer a secure and confidential setting and relationship, in which to discuss whatever issues and concerns may be troubling you, whether these relate to some immediate concern  - bereavement, for example, or to longer term emotional difficulties like anxiety or depression. People may also want to discuss a lack of a sense of meaning or purpose in life and be in search of personal growth.

I have been a counsellor and psychotherapist for over thirty years. During this time I have worked with most of the kinds of psychological difficulty and pain that we can experience as individuals and, as couples, in relationships.

My consulting hours are: 8 a.m. - 2.30 p.m., Monday to Friday.


Psychotherapy and Counselling - are they different, or really the same?  

Psychotherapy is a general term that is sometimes used to refer to all kinds of psychological work. However it is also used to refer to psychological work that involves looking broadly, and in depth, at a person’s concerns, taking into account their earliest relationship patterns and life events. As a Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist, I am specifically trained to work at such depth. In my next section I explain further what I see this as involving.  

Counselling, as it is commonly used, is a term that more typically applies to short-term work that focuses on a specific issue, like a work problem, a car accident, or a family disagreement. Before qualifying as a Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist, I trained and worked as a counsellor. From 2000 to 2014, I was a BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist - so I can work with you in this short term, more focused way, if it seems therapeutically the right approach. However, of course, underneath an apparently specific problem, there can often be deeper, more underlying, issues that might need exploration and understanding before the specific difficulty can be reliably resolved.  

In my view, counselling and psychotherapy are on a continuum. In the assessment period of our work, my aim is to establish with you the place along this continuum where it will be most therapeutic for us to start our work. How our work develops along this continuum, will depend on how our therapeutic relationship evolves over time.